Jaivik Tokri Expands with Opening of its Grant Road Store in Mumbai

Jaivik Tokri Launches their Second Store in Mumbai

by Priya Jadhav

Jaivik Tokri has launched their second store in Mumbai  located at Grant Road right at the heart of all the hustle and bustle of the ever-busy city. This time they are coming in even stronger with their wonderful range of go-to organic products that encompass all walks of your daily lifestyle needs from groceries to utensils. It is a very unique project pioneered by two determined women Aanisha Singh Tomar and Ms. Hetal Shah who have always dreamt of bringing about an organic food revolution in the nation on the contrary supporting local farmers and small businesses to flourish swiftly. 
Jaivik Tokri products are healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly yet they offer them to their customers at a very reasonable pricing. The pricing is approximately 20% inexpensive than other Premium Organic Products and only 10-15% pricier than regular packaged premium FMGC products. All their produce are carefully hand-picked and are premium in quality. Jaivik Tokri is the best Go-to Organic Store at an affordable budget. They strive to connect with more and more farmers and contribute a lot more for the nation’s farmer welfare and to support them through all their farming endeavors so that there is no obstacle between a fair price and the farmer.
Jaivik Tokri is your healthful basket of organic produce ranging from fresh fruits & vegetables to other daily amenities including Organic Cosmetics and Utensils. Their model is a No Middleman model where they make all their products directly available from the farm to your kitchen. It is a humble endeavor to provide the consumer with premium quality organic produce encompassing fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, A2 milk, pulses and rice & flour at an affordable price and most importantly to give the farmers a fair price. The best part is that this project has been solely initiated to provide the farmers with a right medium to trade their produce directly to the consumer without the hassle of any intermediaries. Since Organic comes at a premium pricing in the Indian Market and yet the farmers are not paid fairly for their toil we thrive to rescue to the scenario. 

The current idea about Organic Food and anything organic is that they are expensive. Jaivik Tokri is here to break that myth and establish that everybody can eat organic and everyone deserves to eat pure and healthy food avoiding a big pocket pinch in a very affordable budget. Now you too can eat organic and pure to build a healthy and sustainable future for your loved ones. Just hop in at the Jaivik Tokri Store near you or order online within few clicks.


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