Puts in place elaborate precautionary measures for safe and secure travel

by Priya 

Mumbai, July, 2020: Savaari has partnered with a Bengaluru-based insurance company to offer insurance packages with three different coverage amounts and premiums. They include Rs. 50,000 cover for a premium of Rs. 443, Rs. 1.5 lakh cover for a premium of Rs. 785 and Rs. 3 lakh cover for a premium of Rs. 1565. The package, with a one year validity comes with a host of benefits. The completely cashless insurance package covers all costs related to COVID-19 like doctor’s consultation, COVID testing, ambulance, room rental for basic room in 5900+ hospitals and medicine cost. What makes the insurance cover attractive is the fact that the policy also offers a yearly bonus for staying corona-free through the policy period.  

The pandemic is going to fundamentally alter the way people travel and commute. With the spotlight on safe commutes to workplaces and short domestic travels for de-stressing from the lockdown, car rentals have emerged as the preferred mode to commute for the safe and secure cabs they provide. According to research reports, the post-COVID phase is likely to witness a significant change in travel and commute. Studies indicate 70% of people would avoid public transport and 62% of travellers would not use on-demand cabs.

Talking about safety and safe commuting, Gaurav Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Savaari Car Rentals, says, “Safety and security of customers and driver partners is etched in the philosophy of Savaari. We follow all precautionary guidelines issued by the World Health Organization. As part of our overall strategy of providing a worry-free and pleasant travel and commuting experience, we work very closely with our driver-partners by training them on all aspects of safety. Our driver-partners are trained to disinfect the car before and after every ride, while also taking extra care in airing out all our cars before and after every trip to eliminate all chances of communicable infection. The insurance package is an additional initiative among a host of elaborate safety measures we have put in place, reinforcing our commitment to safe travel”.

Savaari takes it upon itself the responsibility of setting industry-leading safety standards for safe travels. Every car that Savaari provides its customers is equipped with a sanitizer and makes sure every driver-partner exercise personal hygiene, practises social distancing and wears face mask all the time. Savaari also ensures that its driver-partners are assigned rides only after they have undergone intensive and rigorous training in personal and cab hygiene. 

The reactions of Savaari's customers to the various safety protocols have been overwhelmingly positive, leading to a significant surge in the feedback scores with its Net Promoter Score (NPS) hitting 65 and fulfillment rate touching 99.7% during this period.

About Savaari Car Rentals Pvt. Ltd.Savaari is India’s leading chauffeur driven Car Rental Company with a PAN India presence, spread across 130 cities. It boasts a solid track record of 14 years in the car rental industry with industry leading NPS and fulfillment rate values. Its service offerings include intercity roundtrips, one way drops, hourly rentals and airport transfers. Operating both in the B2C as well as the B2B verticals (works with marquee partners like Makemytrip, Yatra and Aditya Birla Group), Savaari is uniquely positioned as a premier, reliable and organized car rental service provider. 


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