Kidney Stones Problem Recurs In 70% Of Existing Patients within next 10 Years

Existing kidney stones patients must go for regular check-ups every year

by Priya J

Delhi: There is a steep rise in cases of Kidney stones due to factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Even existing patients with kidney stones can encounter the same problem in later life. Kidney stones can cause chronic kidney disease (CKD) and kidney failure. One may require dialysis or kidney transplantation. Hence, those with kidney stones should seek timely intervention, maintain a fluid balance, cut down on sodium and protein, and maintain normal calcium intake.

Kidney stones are termed as hard deposits that are made out of minerals and salts that tend to form inside one’s kidneys. The symptoms of kidney stones are loin pain, lower abdominal pain, groin pain, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and bloody urine. One will easily be able to pass small kidney stones through urine but the big ones will need immediate medical attention.

Dr.S K Pal, Urologist from Apollo spectra Delhi said “Around 9 to 10% of Indian population is going to suffer from kidney stones at some point of time in their life.  Kidney stones are a silent problem and recur in 70% of the existing patients in later life. It is a heredity problem and can be seen in many members of the same family. Nowadays, stones can be promptly diagnosed with the help of advanced techniques. After diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe medication or surgery depending upon the size and location of the stone and the treatment may vary from person-to-person.”

Dr.S K Pal added “Patients having kidney stones should opt for an ultrasound, Noncontrast CT scan KUB, and urine analysis every year as the problem has a high tendency to recur in later life. Going for an annual health check-up is a must on your birthday, otherwise, you are likely to forget. Drink enough water as doing so can help dilute substances in urine that result in stone formation. Get the right amount of calcium from the diet, eat foods low in sodium as it increases the amount of calcium leakage in your urine causing kidney stones, reduce your protein intake as it can increase the level of uric acid and lead to the formation of uric acid stones. Also, exercise every day to stay healthy.”