RAWNATURE -Certified Natural Products.

Sangita Desai & Mohit Saxena: founders of rawnature

by Priya Jadhav

RawNature’s Safety Mission : ‘We are committed to producing the purest and highest performing grooming products, and to promote clean, healthier living’ says Sangita Desai, one of the founders of the company.

RAW NATURE: provides grooming solutions, while keeping the safety quotient in mind. Made with botanical extracts and naturally sourced, exotic ingredients, you can address any specific skin or hair conditions and stay decidedly handsome, in the most natural way.

RawNature is a line of high-performing grooming essentials that harnesses nature’s finest ingredients. All ingredients are either 100% natural, naturally derived, vegan or certified safe-to-use by EcoCert.

RawNature is a PETA-Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free brand. Vegan grooming essentials are kinder and gentler to skin, hair, animals and the environment and uses only ingredients that are either natural, naturally derived or certified safe-to-use by Ecocert. Products do not contain any animal by-products or animal-based ingredients, and are never tested on animals. RawNature’s clean plant-based ingredients and pure formulations ensure real, longer-lasting results.

The company rigorously screens each ingredient for skin, hair and the environment safety. Next-generation grooming essentials deliver high performance and safety.

RawNature meticulously screen ingredients for trace toxins, endocrine disruptors and allergens for maximum safety and efficacy and are formulated without the use of  Parabens, Petroleum, Ethoxylates, Artificial Colours, Artificial Fragrances, ect…

Opt for botanical ingredients which are sourced in their rawest forms and infused into your favorite products. Hair and skin solutions made with essential oils, naturally found minerals, clay, herbs and spices, can give you better protection from the harsh weather, pollution and stress, while providing natural nourishment that your skin and hair need. And since all organic products are easily degradable, they don’t leave residue and remain environment-friendly.

To know More: www.rawnaturecompany.com