Don’t let the fake news spark the fear in you

by Priya Jadhav
A wave of misinformation and rumor on CVOID-19 is flooding on social media platforms.  We already have other obstacles like a large crowd, a stretched health system and inadequate infrastructure to fight against this virus, but beyond these, familiar foes are rearing their head: misinformation and fake news
Coronavirus has become a substitute for panic in people's minds globally. It’s perfectly okay to be anxious about the coronavirus pandemic. But with trends of decline set in the source region, the evidence is already there that coronavirus is beatable, and possibly in the shorted period compared to previous pandemics. Every one of us should take precautions and not panic.                        
Through its vast social media networks, a wave of inaccuracy is spreading on coronavirus under these circumstances any piece of news and information can be spread and made viral, without being authenticated and verified. From offering unverified home remedies to tackle the virus to floating fake advisories asking people to avoid foods such as ice cream and chicken and sharing conspiracy theories, Indians' phones are being flooded with misinformation.
We as a sophisticated citizen and an accountable employee of Prittle Prattle PR Agency request you all to make sure that the information you share and forward on social media must have credibility. You can confirm the news by verifying it or
We being one of the pioneer PR agencies could provide you an apt source for any information, communication or decision being taken related to CVOID-19. We will also give you timely updated about the socio-political situation across the globe. With our prevalent reach and close interaction with the decision-makers, we will make sure that the right information is shared with you at the right moment.