Ozonetel facilitates work from home transition for call center agents for Acko General

by Priya Jadhav

Coronavirus (COVID- 19) has triggered the world’s largest work-from-home experiment. Employers look forward to opt for this option to stave off a crisis while keeping employees safe. However, not all jobs/roles are aligned to work-from-home. Especially it seems difficult for jobs like call centres to switch to work-from-home model.

Keeping this in mind, Ozonetel is offering cloud - based solutions for their clients to easily switch to Work-from-home. With the help of offline mode, the companies can temporarily switch their call centers to a work-from-home model. This entire practice can be executed without compromising on the security and privacy concerns of the businesses. For example, Acko General Insurance, took a prompt decision to move their call centers to work-from-home and Ozonetel helped them do this within a quick span of time seamlessly.

Ozonetel:“Is it time to panic about the spread of Coronavirus? Probably not. But businesses will do well to think ahead and see how to ensure that their employees safe while preventing while keeping their businesses functional. Countries in China and South East Asia have been forced to experiment with work from home models. While this model may be difficult to implement for all job functions, there is no reason that customer support, sales, customer communications and call centers of any kind cannot continue to function as usual. We promptly assisted Acko General Insurance to move their agents to a work from home mode to help with Business continuity plan. We can smoothly transfer forward calls from call center to agents softphones or mobile handsets. The customers will not be able to make out that the agent is answering or making the call from home, and customer experience will remain top-notch.Will more businesses adapt to this model? Only time will tell. We are getting inquiries and are also proactively reaching out to our clients. We don't know at this moment, how many will finally switch to remote working. But yes, if they do decide to, it is possible for us to ensure that any kind of call center be it sales or support, inbound or outbound call centers can work remotely," says Mr. CSN Murthy, Chief Executive Officer, Ozonetel Communications.
Acko General Insurance:"We don't want to wait for an emergency to take place. We are after all in the insurance business. We should have, and we do have, a proactive approach to health concerns. We believe the remote working model can be as efficient as working from office if we use the right tools. And since we can offer this option for our employees, we should,Now all calls landing on Acko's toll-free number are smoothly transferred to employees who receive the calls on their mobiles. Sales representatives can click to call customers or prospects from their systems. The call automatically dials out to the employee's mobile phone on one end and to the customer/prospect on the other.The transfer is very smooth, and we're proud to say that we're able to manage business-as-usual while taking all precautions to ensure our employees' safety," says Mr. Yugansh Goyal, Associate Director,  Acko General Insurance.