Adorn Yourself With These Trendy Timeless & Classic Pieces By Shaya

by Priya Jadhav

Hey girl, you’ve always been #OOTD goals but we’ve got something to give you an edge! The all-new #OOTD Collection features 24 contemporary-chic designs that go with your favourite looks.

Geometric shapes Rhodium-plated metallic disc-clusters and cascading blocks form earrings, pendants, statement rings, bracelets and necklaces. These striking pieces are perfect for emphasising the sharp lines of a tailored pantsuit and for adding some unexpected drama to a pretty sundress.
Coiled wire Intricate coils of woven wire plated with Gold are all that you need to give a classic touch to cute tees and denims as well as dressy jackets and blazers.

Minimalistic drops Workwear doesn’t have to be limited to the same-old studs. Pair these Gold-plated delicate ear drops with your formal shirts and office dresses for a low-key elegant vibe.
Crafted in 925 Silver, the #OOTD Collection is available now on starting at ₹1200.

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