Modern parenting goes social with

Modern parenting goes social with

 First-of-its-kind knowledge-sharing platform 
that connects parents and experts

    Visually-engaging multimedia content with 
interactive social-sharing features

    Aims to bring million+ parents to the platform 
within the first 6 months

    Firms up partnerships with 
renowned experts and schools

Mumbai, September 24, 2015: Parenting gets a new destination with the global launch of A one-stop web and mobile platform, ParentCircle brings together parents, educators and experts across fields to share and collaborate on various aspects related to parenting and child development. The platform helps parents make sense of the vast information out there on the web, with people they know and trust. ParentCircle was launched by former cricketer V.V.S. Laxman and his wife, Sailaja, in the city. With 20+ experts/ knowledge partners and 50+ educational institutions already on-board, ParentCircle aims to hit a user base of 1 million parents in its very first year of operations.

A unique player in the space of parenting, ParentCircle banks on adaptive content to create meaningful and personalized interactions with its users while also combining resources to help parents on the lookout for local information.

The platform, built on state-of-the-art technology, allows users to explore, create, curate and share knowledge and experiences in the form of visually engaging multimedia ‘ClipBooks’. What’s more? Users can view, follow, like, share, comment and collaborate with others.

Speaking on the need for such a platform, Ms. Nalina Ramalakshmi, Founder and Managing Director, said, “Families are in transition. Parenting is in transition. With opportunities extending beyond our hometowns to urban cities and the world at large, we are seeing a change in family structures and an accelerated trend towards nuclear families. There is a clear need to build a larger circle to raise a child. This is where we come in. ParentCircle strives to bring together parents, educators, doctors, counselors and other experts to share knowledge and experiences for the holistic development of children.”

We have aggressive growth plans and in the first phase, will focus on building momentum across three cities; and tie-up with over a thousand schools and over hundred knowledge partners. We plan to invest our resources aggressively over the next 5 years with a goal of creating a line of novel products designed to meet the emerging needs of parents and make parenting a joyful experience.” added Ms. Nalina Ramalakshmi.

Gracing the event, former cricketer, VVS Laxman, who himself has attributed his success to his parents on numerous occasions, said, “I am very fortunate to have had the kind of upbringing that I did. My parents have always emphasised the importance of being a good human being even before being a good cricketer. As both my parents were doctors, it really helped as I always had a great chance to learn to handle success and failure in various aspects of life. If I am a good father today, I think all the credit for that should go to my parents. The need of the hour in the world today is for parents to constantly learn and share things and experiences. I think ParentCircle is a fantastic initiative and I am very excited to be a part of it.”

On a spectacular afternoon in Chennai, ParentCircle also unveiled the results of the survey it conducted in association with renowned research agency, IMRB. The survey, which looked at the parent-teen relationships in current-day context, came up with very interesting insights. Ms. Varinder Gambhir, Group Business Director, IMRB said, We are often approached by many brands to help conduct surveys on different topics, but when ParentCircle approached us for this kind of a survey, we found it very fascinating. They exactly knew what they had wanted, but were looking for a scientific study for the same and we had just that. It was a perfect synergy and a great experience to work together with ParentCircle.”
The glittering ceremony also witnessed the presence of eminent personalities from the industry, research organisations and most of all, parents, all excited to be a part of something special in the world of parenting.

About ParentCircle: A household brand of Shri Harini Media Ltd., ParentCircle started off as an English monthly magazine in 2011 catering to various subjects related to parenting and child development. The roots were further strengthened with the launch of its first and only Tamil magazine Chellamey in 2013. Taking this success further ParentCircle has, a knowledge sharing platform that connects parents and experts, to strengthen its product portfolio and champion the category of parenting in India and globally.