This Valentines, experience unique festivals and fall
by Priya Jadhav
Bengaluru, February, - the month of love, is just around the corner and there is no better place than Switzerland to share the many joys and experiences with your loved one. Imagine you find your common love for wine, music, food, and sports all in one place! Switzerland is known the world over for its interesting, colorful and unique festivals that have something to offer every kind of globe trotter and local. There are festivals marking and celebrating every season. From the World Snow Festival in winter, to the Montreux Jazz festival that drives in hordes of summer tourists, grape harvesting festivals and tours to vineyards, celebrating the vibrant and colorful season of Autumn, there is something interesting and diverse lined up the whole year through.
This Valentine’s, pack your bags and head for a vacation to Switzerland with your loved ones and bond over the vibrant Lucerne carnival in Luzern, enjoy a variety of cuisines at the Gourmet and White turf festivals in St. Moritz or get a glimpse of the rich and famous at the White Turf festival in St. Moritz.
1. Lucerne Carnival (Feb 20-25, 2020)
The centrally located pristine town of Lucerne comes alive for these six days in February when vibrant and colorful parades float through the packed streets against the beats and rhythm of the soul-touching music of brass bands and roaring drums. Be ready to get sucked right into the heart of this carnival. Soak in the bright costume displays and draw from its pulsating energy. From formal parades for adults to monsters’ parades and other special parades for children, this 6-day carnival witnesses the most unique and exciting costumes and songs that make the huge crowds go ballistic.
2. St. Moritz Gourmet festival (Jan 31-Feb 8, 2020)
If you’re a foodie, St. Moritz is the place you want to be during this season. This nine-day long gourmet festival is not only every chef’s dream come true but also on every food lover’s bucket list. This festival celebrates food like no other. Gourmet dinners and safaris, wine and cheese tastings, chocolate cults and kitchen parties, this festival, that’s been running for 26 years now, has quite mastered the art of feeding people and bringing together some of the best culinary talent from across the world to share their love of food.
3. White Turf, St. Moritz (Feb 2-16, 2020).
What could be more exciting and happening for the rich and famous than being part of the races in the extensive racecourse surrounded by the beauty of the frozen Lake of St. Moritz? This exclusive, winter horse-racing premier event being held in St. Moritz since 1907, turns into an international horse-racing hotspot for expert jockeys and their prized thoroughbreds from around the world. Nothing quite beats the clink of champagne flutes as you watch from the edge of your seats, a mélange of skis, snow and thoroughbred racehorses’ whiz past you. Being a part of St. Moritz's thrilling and adrenaline-pumping sport Skijoring promises you all this and much more. From gourmet catering, live music and art exhibitions, there is always something special that the over 30,000 people who visit here each year, take back with them.