The Body Shop Vegan Super food Range : Hair & Body Mist

by Priya J

Our feel-good Superfood fragrances are inspired by fruits and other plants from around the world that do wonders for our health because they’re packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

Scents inspired by these ingredients help you express your personality

and mood. Are you feeling fresh, fruity or full of energy?

Just a spritz for instant Ahh

Smell fragrantly fruity head-to-toe with the new Hair & Body Mist collection.

Perfect for when you need a quick pick-me-up, these cute and colourful feel-good spritzes are inspired by superfood ingredients from around  the world. Just spritz for instant ‘ahhh’

Fragrance Intensity

Our Fragrance Mists provide a subtle scent and great scent layering. They give 1–2 hours’ wear.

How to use it

Spray over your body and/or hair, depending on your preference.For best results, spray on to skin that won’t be covered up by clothing.

Variety in the range < INR 1,495 Each>

Apricot & Agave

The sweet floral andruity notes of this uplifting fragrance mist are balanced by creamy tonka bean. Spritz it anytime, anywhere to put a spring in your step. Immortelle flowers don’t fade. And neither will you while wearing this sweet, warm and uplifting fragrance. It balances sweet agave and immortelle with zesty fruit, peachy apricot and osmanthus.

Coconut  & Yuzu

Containing citrussy lime essential oil and sensual jasmine notes, this light and fresh fragrance mist smells of relaxed, tropical days.Stash it in your bag for vacation vibes whenever you need. Send yourself on holiday anytime, anywhere with this fresh tropical scent. It tempers citrussy yuzu and lime, creamy coconut and sensual jasmine, with gorgeous amberwood and cruelty-free synthetic musk.

Lime & Matcha

A light, modern fragrance mist infused with essential oils to make you smell refreshingly citrussy,with sensual undertones. It’s perfect for stashing in your bag to perk yourself up whenever you need. This sparkling and refreshing fragrance is like walking through a sprinkler with a cool, citrusy drink on a scorching afternoon. It’s an instant energy boost, balancing sweet, warm and sharp notes.

Pink Pepper & Lychee

Lift your mood whenever you need with this portable, flexible fragrance mist. It balances lively pink pepper with floral, fruity, musky and woody notes. Spritzing it will make you smile. Pink plants pack a powerful punch with this uplifting fragrance. It combines floral peony and rose notes with spicy pink pepper, sweet lychee, and seductive cedarwood and synthetic musk.

Pomegranate & Red Berries

Containing cherry, citronella and patchouli essences, this light and fruity fragrance mist has sweet, zesty, floral, warm and earthy notes. However you wear it, you’ll smell delicious! This is like tucking into a sweet and tangy fruit salad, which is vitamin-rich and vibrant. It balances sweet vanilla, cherry and rose with earthy patchouli and zingy pomegranate and orange    
Availability - All The Body Shop India Stores and Online.