Galaxy of Homes held a unique seminar on British Real Estate Investment for Indian Investors

by Priya Jadhav
Mumbai, 17th December 2019:  Galaxy of Homes held a unique seminar on property investment for Indian investors. The seminar was hosted and carried forward by Mr. Vikash Jayaswal & Madhurita Jayaswal – Founders & Directors, Galaxy of Homes at Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) Recreational Club (Boundary Hall) · The session  highlighted the ways in which an investment of Rs 80 lacs in the UK will fetch high ROI i.e. rents of around Rs 5.4 lacs per annum. Investing Rs 80 lacs in a Northern UK property seems an easily achievable amount when compared to Rs 4Cr worth property in and around London (which gives a much lower return), etc.
Mr. Vikash Jayaswal- Founder & Director, Galaxy Homes said, “In the seminar we discussed about how an investor in India gets to have a British Investment Portfolio, when he/she chooses to join our unique and cost-efficient real estate model.  The Company has bought, refurbished and let over 500 properties, equating to an investment of nearly Rs400Cr in the last 4 years.
This has led to the rapid growth and socio-economic regeneration in the northern part of UK. With a team of 50+ now working across four offices in two countries including one in India we look forward to our high-flying Vision 2020”.
The event dealt with questions such as:
·       Are you Unclear on how Property investment works in UK?
·       What sort of deals people are doing, and what kind of returns they are getting?
·       Interested to learn how you can start investing THIS YEAR, regardless of background, knowledge or experience?
·       Looking to meet experienced property investors who can help you in your journey?
Ms. Madhurita Jayaswal – Founder & Director, Galaxy Homes, said, “Besides covering all of this, we also look deep into the aspects of property investment, people wanting to escape the Nine-to-Five rat race. Most people DON’T KNOW how to invest in the UK real estate market”.
About Galaxy Homes: Galaxy of Homes is just over three years old. The Galaxy of Homes model is simple. Investors pay us a fixed fee to identify, buy, renovate and manage the rental process of a ‘Buy To Let’ property.
The company has been covered by BBC, Telegraph and various other media houses in the UK.
Our unique stance in the industry allows people to invest in property and do it well! Having done extensive research in this field we want to help clients build their passive income and achieve financial freedom.  We provide end to end service in property investment and property management that allows our clients to build their passive income and achieve financial freedom.