Pulse Candy rolls out series of 2 new TVCs (shorties)

Takes forward the narrative of ‘Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye’ humorously. 
by Priya Jadhav
New Delhi, December, 2019:    Pass Pass Pulse candy rolled out a set of 2 new commercials, taking forward the humrous storyline of ‘Pran jaaye par Pulse Na Jaaye’. These will be an addition to the  earlier series of 3  short commericials. Pass Pass Pulse, the candy from DS Group stormed the hard-boiled candy market with its launch in 2015 and has maintained its position of No.1 hard boiled candy brand in India for the last three consecutive years. 
Pulse Candy, has a tangy twist to it that makes it standout! It offers an experience that starts with a fruity taste and peaks with a tangy surprise; a mouth full of fun and peculiarity, the consumers love. This irresistible fervor for Pulse candy is extended to the brand communication, with a tag line of ‘Pran jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye’, with quirky and humorous examples of how far people can go to get their hands on Pulse. 
The two new  amusing TVCs are titled ‘The Classroom’ and ‘Dangal’. Conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson, captures the crazy extent to which people will go for the enticing taste of Pulse candy.   ‘Irresistibility’ or the obsessive love people have for the Pulse candy has been the highlight of  the communication campaigns of Pulse. The films have a simple but hilarious theme; Pulse candy is alluring, but the love for it can get you into a spot of bother (all in good fun).
The first film ‘Classroom’ is about our protagonist being distracted by Pulse candy, while writing an exam. When the exam invigilator suspects he is up to no good and confronts him, our protagonist happily parts with his cheat notes, but not with his Pulse candy.
The second film ‘Dangal’ shows a giant wrestler itching for a fight. While most of his audience rightly ignores his challenge, our unfortunate protagonist accidently walks into the wrestler’s path while picking up the fallen  Pulse candy. What happens next is left to the viewers imagination.
Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Arvind Kumar, JGM, Marketing, DS Confectionary Products Ltd., said,“ Both the TVC’s of Pulse are  playful with lots of twisted-humour that ends  with a catchphrase; ‘Pran jaaye, par Pulse na jaaye’, highlighting the irresistibility of the Pulse candy.  This reverberates with the messages put out by fans  in the social media space and is validated by its No.1 in the Hard boiled candy segment for the last three years,reflectng the admiration and acceptance for the brand in the market.”
Sundeep Sehgal, Executive Creative Director & Vice Presidentsaid,“ Telling a story in 10-15 seconds is always more challenging than conventional long format story telling. This is the second phase of short films on Pulse and we didn’t want to let go the format we created for the brand. It worked for the brand and we want to operate in the same space, while dialling up the irresistibility or pagalpan people have for the Pulse candy. With Dangal and Classroom films, we found new dimensions to keep the brand’s essence alive - “Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye” and deliver a campaign that is impactful and memorable.”
Campaign Link:
·         Classroom (Desktop) – https://youtu.be/CMsJyB8Y0tY
·         Dangal (Desktop) – https://youtu.be/eBZ5l31ikK0
Campaign elements: TVC/Digital
Creative Credits:
Creative Agency:  Wunderman Thompson
Executive Creative Director:  Sundeep Sehgal
Creative Team:  Binoy Sarkar, Binesh Sharma, Vedika Duggal, Soham Ghosh, Akshith Nangia
Production Credits:
Production House:  Show and Tell Productions Pvt Ltd
Director                  :  Director Nishant Gangadharan
Producer                :  Sunil Sharma
Planning: Pinaki Bhattacharya, Nikhit Shetty
Account management: Vaibhav Sahani, Prashant Choudhary, Neeraj Meena
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