Adrish the Zero Waste Organic Store has been inaugurated in Mumbai at Lokhandwala Complex in Andheri, to cater to Natural, organic products without use of plastic.

by Priya Jadhav
THE CONCEPT: Adrish, meaning the “Lord of the Mountains” symbolizes nature and the serenity that comes with it. Also, “ADRISH” can also mean “invisibility” which symbolizes the invisibility of waste or in-organic stuffs in our lifestyle.  It is an outcome of a thought to develop and nurture a sense of purpose which is larger, greener and more sustainable. Hence, we are in the process of development of a system which leads our stakeholders to think over and above themselves and thus helping create an attachment to the roots. These systems help our farmers to follow natural and organic farming practices using heir-loom variety of crops, our producers are motivated to follow slow process production practices which retains the essential nutrition in the products manufactured and enlighten our customers to follow a lifestyle which is based on experiences rather than stuffs. The result is a direct-from-source organic supply system with creation of a livelihood for our producers and a greener Mother Earth.
HOW IT WORKS? No-body wants to create unnecessary waste. Most of us can easily accept going plastic free. The most important question here is the availability of greener and eco-friendly options. At Adrish store, we give customer that much needed option of going waste free and much more importantly, in a hassle free and a convenient manner. The below art work explains as to how does the concept work and the very much need to go waste-free in today’s world.
PRODUCT RANGE: The selection of the product range and the processes to produce or manufacture it very much revolve around the ancient ayurvedic wisdom from India. For Example, the desi cow ghee is prepared using Bilona mechanism wherein the entire Indigenous cow milk is converted to curd, oils are wood-pressed, flours and powders are stone-ground, seeds are heirloom variety for the raw produce, utensils such as Kansa and copper have been in use since centuries, etc. Along with it, we have also included a variety of products considered to be healthy and recommended by nutrition experts across the globes such as vinegars, butters, etc. The product range varies from place to place and changes to the product range depend upon the requirements. The standard product range is:
Hand-picked Organic Groceries includes  Grains and Legumes,Stone-ground Flour,Hand-pound Rice,Whole wheat Pastas, Raw Honey,Health Drinks and Beverages,etc.
Amazing Kitchenware includes Hand-made utensils,Bronze Dining Set,Earthenware, Wooden utensils,etc.
Cosmetics, as natural includes a wide range of Hand-made Organic Virgin Coconut Oil SoapsShampoo Bars & Natural Non-diluted Essential Oils.
Cleaning Solutions includes Detergents,Floor Cleaners,Kids Laundry & Hand-wash
Souvenirs and others  includes Wooden items gifting options,Handicrafts, Bamboo Tooth-brush,etc.
 Natural Clothing  includes Organic Cotton Fabrics (Hand-woven, Hand-spun and natural dyes),Kurtis,Stoles & Sarees.
INTERIORS: The interior designing of the store has been done considering the purpose behind the initiative. It is all done with eco-friendly and natural materials and metals such as bamboo, wood, iron-ore, etc. The design is such that whenever any person enters the store, he feels relieved of the external stress and gets involved with the mesmerizing atmosphere in the store. He feels more attached to the nature and thus the roots.According to Mr. Akshay Agarwal, Co-founder, ADRISH, the interiors include material storage bins and containers, wooden racks, paintings on the wall explaining the concept and some antiques and items based out of “ANCIENT INDIAN WISDOM” being placed appropriately, etc. There is this wonderfully painted symbol placed in the centre on the wall which resembles to a “tilak” on a forehead and symbolizes the authenticity and intention behind the initiative. Also, creepers growing along the bamboo on the outside add that much needed disconnect from the outer world and establishing the connect with positive energy in the store.