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Online and offline real estate marketing strategies for new agents Mr Rahul Grover-CEO, SECCPL
by Priya Jadhav
The real estate industry in India has seen its share of highs and lows. The growing levels of disposable income and growth of job development in the country, along with government initiatives such as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY), Affordable Housing for all, have helped in bolstering the real estate sector at large.
This presents a great opportunity for property agents to cast their net for potential customers and leads. But in order to make a significant impact, it is highly important to create an effective marketing plan. This should be done by considering all the elements present today in the world of marketing and advertising, by curating a plan that comprises a healthy mix of traditional and new age techniques. Thus, a combination of online and offline strategies should be used to grow awareness.
Build your online presence:The growing rate of internet penetration in the country means that a large portion of the Indian population is online. To meet these potential customers, it is very important to establish an online presence. In order to do this, it is first crucial to build a website. Today the internet has become the first search resource for consumers when they are prospecting a purchase. This stands true for the real estate industry as well. In order to achieve maximum impact, it is better to create a website that is optimised for mobile users.
Invest in digital marketing:Most of the Indian population is currently online, which makes it important for any business to invest in digital avenues of marketing. Through the technologies available for online marketing, agents can approach their target audience more effectively and present them with the exact offering of their need.
Carry out local advertising (direct & indirect):It is always a good idea to build good relations in the community, and local businesses flourish when they are in harmony with their community. Awareness for the business should be done via direct and indirect advertising strategies like OOH, advertisements in local theatres and institutes, publishing relevant content in local publications, provide sponsorship for local events and more. This will help in building goodwill for the brand that can result in a higher referral rate in future. Another indirect method of marketing the business is by hosting local seminars on topics that cover the ins and outs of real estate buying, selling, or investing.
Partner with local businesses:Another way to build good community relations is by collaborating with local businesses. This is an instrumental way to network within the local professional community and spread the word of the business.
Curate good digital content:It is not just enough to build an online presence and carry out advertising tactics; it is important to establish the business or the leader as an industry expert. By releasing relevant content through digital mediums, the business can attract attention from those interested in the field. Making this a regular practice can influence people to trust in the advice given by the business, which makes them approach it in order to fulfil all of their real estate queries and demands.
Have an effective CRM setup:Client interaction and retaining is extremely important for a real estate agent, which is why is it crucial to have an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system put in place, through this, the agent can gain access to new leads, and nurture the ones that have already been converted, by carrying out a rewards for referrals program.