Luxury Ayurvedic beauty brand ‘Just Herbs’ opens a new retail store in Mumbai

The brand launched its first offline retail store in Chandigarh and now, after establishing a base in the north, it is finally opening its doors to its loyal customers in Mumbai

by Priya Jadhav

Mumbai, December 19, 2019:  Luxury Ayurvedic beauty brand Just Herbs has opened a new store in India’s financial capital, Mumbai. The retail store, located at the upmarket Juhu Tara Road, is all set to launch on 19th December 2019.

Just Herbs is India’s first beauty company to crowdsource product development using social media and its large customer base of devoted users from Mumbai had long been wanting a physical space to experience the brand and to strengthen the community - based, collaborative approach that the brand stands for. 

“We are excited to offer a space to our Mumbai customers to come to experience the products, engage better with the brand and become a part of the larger Just Herbs community at a much deeper level not just online but also in the physical world,” said Megha Sabhlok, Brand Director & Co-founder, Just Herbs.  

The new store has been built using only biodegradable and recyclable materials such as glass, wood and stone and its use of straight-line minimalism fused with the elegance of hand-blown glass and wood is reminiscent of the signature style of the late French Architect Le Corbusier who designed the city of Chandigarh - where Just Herbs is also headquartered. 

“Our intention with the store interiors was to create an oasis of calmness, serenity, elegance and simplicity- values that we hold close to our hearts as a brand.  The monolithic seamless effect using stone and glass interiors instead of plastics and acrylic fittings also stands for our commitment towards sustainability,” adds Sabhlok.

In addition to this store, the company also has four exclusive brand outlets and point-of-sale counters at premium retail chains across India.

Just Herbs is a direct-to-consumer, made-in-India and cruelty-free, Ayurvedic beauty brand. It is also India’s first beauty company to develop products by crowdsourcing customer-feedback via its devoted fan-base of users through social media.

Just Herbs currently offers around 70 SKUs of skincare, hair, bath and body products and all of those will be available at the new store.

Some of Just Herbs’ best-selling products include the Herb-Enriched Skin Tint - an Ayurvedic light-coverage tinted moisturiser, Sapta Jal - India’s first Ayurvedic Micellar Water Makeup Remover, both of which were made through social-media led crowdsourcing campaigns.

The company is currently crowdsourcing for Ayurvedic lipsticks which are slated to launch at the beginning of January 2020.

After Mumbai, Just Herbs aims to expand its offline coverage to cities in India with considerable trade volumes.

About Just Herbs:Just Herbs is an award-winning, ‘Made in India’, line of Ayurvedic beauty products and India’s first beauty company to crowdsource product development. It is owned by Chandigarh-based APCOS Naturals Private Limited and was formally launched in November 2013. Just Herbs products are sold online on its own website in addition to online marketplaces. The company also has four exclusive brand outlets in addition to point-of-sale counters at premium retail chains across India.


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