A&M Studio and Konversai announce partnership to co-promote artists and musicians across markets

by Priya Jadhav

December, 2019, Mumbai, India: A&M Studio, a one-of-a-kind neutral platform founded by Manpreet Singh Kochar to promote budding talent in the field of music and give equal opportunity to talented artists and musicians, announced its collaboration with Konversai, a global knowledge-sharing platform.

A&M Studio is excited to be collaborating and partnering with Konversai under their Global Small Business (GSB) Partnership Program. Konversai is a global knowledge-sharing platform that connects people through one-on-one live video conversations. Our longstanding friendship with the leadership team is now turning into a valuable professional partnership, and it is a happy and proud moment for all of us. It will give our talent pool access to a wider segment of aspiring and emerging singers and musicians all around the world. With the platform and credibility of A&M Studio, we can showcase their talent and get opportunities to take their musical career a step in the right direction. 

On the collaboration, Manpreet Singh Kochar, Founder and CEO of A&M Studio, said, "We are extremely pleased to associate with Konversai, as this relationship opens up the talent platform without any borders. The collaboration will not only benefit our existing artists but will be extended to other independent artists and musicians to promote their music to the fullest potential. "

Sushma Sharma, CEO of Konversai, said on the occasion, “This is a unique partnership, as A&M Studio’s pool and our knowledge base combined together can create beautiful opportunities for so many unexplored artists.” 
About A&M Studio: A&M Studio is a one-of-a-kind neutral platform created to promote budding talent in the field of music and give equal opportunity to talented artists and musicians. In its one-year journey, the company has already successfully executed more than 50 shows—corporate, private, and club events—with exclusive as well as non-exclusive artists. Founded by Mumbai-based corporate honcho-turned-entrepreneur Manpreet Singh Kochar, the studio aims to showcase real raw talent and discourage any unfair biases in the music fraternity.  

A&M Studio has representation in India (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata), Dubai, and Canada and scouts for talent in the most unlikely places, including corporate jobs and businesses. A&M Studio dedicates itself to finding raw, untapped talent amidst the meticulous professional life. A unique platform that paves the stairway to success and stardom, A&M Studio is here to turn an artist into a rising star. A&M Studio has been organizing A&M Fusion Nights—an IP that brings together talent amongst the 40-70 singers jamming non-stop for 10 hours from across genres at one location for an evening filled with one thing that binds them all together—their love for music. 

About Konversai : We live in a world of technology, which makes our lives convenient. However, technology is also making us more and more disconnected. Konversai is a one-stop shop for any and all personal human knowledge. The brainchild of lawyer-turned entrepreneur Sushma Sharma, the online platform connects people on a one-on-one basis and enables video conversations between them for the exchange of knowledge. It is a two-way marketplace where providers quote their price, seekers give out offers, and both sides are transparent with each other. Konversai’s goal is to democratize knowledge and put the human connection back into the heart of technology. The company is based in San Jose, CA and New York, NY and currently has over 180,000 users globally. If you would like to get in touch with Konversai, send us an email at support@konversai.com.