Environment Department - Government of MaharashtraSupports ECOMO Eco Footprint 2020 to Launch in Mumbai

by Priya Jadhav
9th December20019, Mumbai: EcoMo Footprint 2020 is supported by the Environment Department- Government of Maharashtra. It is an event conceptualized, curated andorganized by Gratitude Entertainment and Media Inc. The event aims at creatingawareness about achieving Environment Sustainability in different sectors.
The eventwill take place at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on 18th December.Esteemed Panelist for the event is Raveena Tandon- Actor and major supporter ofWomen Empowerment movement, Shri Kalikesh Singh Deo - Member ofParliament 16th Lok Sabha (2nd Term), Mr.Sudhir Nayar - MD Cisco India Pvt Ltd, Mr. Shuja Ahmad Shekh – CEO RakyanBeverages Pvt Ltd, and Amrita Bhattacharya – Environment Campaigner - Save theAarey movement.
The panelistwill collectively discuss challenges, best practices, and roadmap in theirrespective fields to reduce ecological footprints. The event aims to highlight variousstrategies like Prevention, Preparations for Reuse, Recycling, Recoverytechnologies (particularly for energy) and safe disposal amongst otherpractices to achieve Environmental Sustainability.
The eventwill be attended by various Industry Leaders, Policymakers, Administrators,Celebrities and Influencers. EcoMo has Cwaty – World’s first virtual influencerfor animal welfare as its first guest.
There willalso be a live demonstration of PET machines and reverse vending machinesshowcased by Sponsorer of the Event Mr. Abhay Bedi. EcoMo Eco Footprints 2020has been conceptualized to bring change-makers from different walk of life on acommon platform to share their journey and vision that has resulted in actualchange in Environment.
Environment Sustainability is theneed of the hour. Awareness and well-identified actionable from variousSectors, regulatory bodies, Influencers as well as Individuals are required.EcoMo strives to initiate a movement to get everyone together and collectivelytake responsibility to make this happen.
About Amrita Jha: Ms. AmritaJha is the founder of EcoMo – Eco Footprint 2020. She conceptualized this IP asshe understood that all stakeholders have to collectively take responsibilityfor Environment sustainability as well as there have to be clearly definedactions that need to be achieved. Also, create awareness and a common platformfor the people who are individually doing change-making activities to reducethe ecological footprint. This initiative requires media attention and shouldbe highlighted so that it can be adopted by others as well.
She is alsothe founder and owner of Gratitude Entertainment and Media Inc. She formed GratitudeEnt and Media Inc a year back, as the name suggests, the ideology was to giveback to the society in the form of philanthropic and awareness creating eventsand IP’s.
She is apost-graduate in Marketing and has a corporate experience of 7 years. She hasworked in companies like Cisco India Pvt ltd and has always been an achiever.She is an ardent animal lover and feeds stray animals daily. She is also partof Cwaty's organization, Cwaty is the world's first virtual influencer foranimal welfare.
She aspiresto create awareness through result-oriented IPs for environment and animalwelfare in the future.
About Abhay Bedi: A Mechanical engineer by profession and MBA /corporate Law / CFA from GWU Washington DC iv spend last 10 years of his lifein Lobby and Law firms, his own entrepreneurial ventures in Home Interiors,Energy management, and Integrated Waste Management. Next 10 years he would liketo concentrate on Human welfare Animal welfare, Pranic Healing andPhilanthropic centures with an end aim to create a World Class Meditation/Wellness  center in India