Wadhwani wedding amidst pomp and glamour from Bollywood and politics

by Priya Jadhav


Mumbai, December 2019: In a grand ceremony at Renaissance in Mumbai, the wedding of Vicky Wadhwani concluded in the presence of the Mumbai elite. The wedding saw huge celebrity quotient with persons in power circles and Bollywood stars flocking to make their presence. The brother of Vicky Wadhwani and Managing Director of Sai Estate Consultants Mr. Amit Wadhwani was seen personally welcoming the guests comprising the powerful. As a thought leader on real estate sector and an influential speaker in various forums, Amit Wadhwani is amongst the foremost Business leader in India today.
Bollywood star Sunil Shetty made his early presence felt in the reception ceremony and is known to be a close personal friend and long term associate. Bollywood actress Amisha Patel brought in the star power while the presence of BJP Spokesperson and Advisor to Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis Smt. Shweta Shalini added the power quotient. Amisha Patel in bright red saree enlived the stage as bride Neha Gulati and Vicky Wadhwani entered the premise to the sound and splendor of the fireworks. Yesteryear superstar Jeetendra Kapoor was seen in a jovial mood with the cute little Shawnak Amit Wadhwani. Tushar Kapoor accompanied his father and completed the guest list.
Fashion designer Rohit Sharma was seen having a good time. It was photo-finish as the presence of Katrina Kaif brought the guests to a standstill vying for a click. Adorned in white, she was seen merrily posing for the cameras along with the beautiful bride Neha and Vicky Wadhwani.
Vicky Wadhwani is the Director of Sai Estate Consultancy Chembur Pvt Ltd which is the premier real estate consulting company in India. With aggressive expansion plans under the maverick leadership of Managing Director Amit Wadhwani, Sai Estate Consultants play a key role in being seen as a beacon of hope in the struggling real estate sector.
Speaking to the media Amit Wadhwani “I am thankful to all the guests, celebrities and media for attending and blessing the couple on this auspicious occasion. My 8 years of experience says marriages are made in heaven. It was heavenly indeed to see my brother Vicky tie the knot with Neha and enter a new phase of life with the bond of love and lifetime companionship”