Puja & Rajavi bring parents and children together at Backyard Bears

by Suman Gupta

Backyard Bears, a concept by Puja Malpani and Rajavi Agarwal was initiated over a cup of coffee. Being momtrepreneurs, they know how difficult it is to satisfactorily look after their children whilst dealing with this fast life. They identified a definite need for the working parents - a trustworthy and caring brand of daycare centres.
Backyard Bears is a daycare center and a playschool for kids providing them all the facilities required.  Puja and Rajavi, have a mission, to create a place where there’s joy in the simple routines of an ordinary day, where being a child means being able to mess around and have fun. A place that’s warm and safe. The first centre is cleverly located in the bustling and commercial mid-town of Mumbai city.

Puja and Rajavi recently hosted their foremost get-together for parents and children. The guests poured in through the day and seemed to be having a special time mingling with each other. Amongst others, few eminent personalities like Bobby and Tanya Deol, Bhavna Pandey, Indira Bodani, Deanne Pandey, Penny Patel, Rekha Pamani Gulati, Laila Bijlani, Anisha Chaturvedi and Tapur Chatterjee were present. Some of them were accompanied by their little ones to make a cute picture.
The decor of the centre is most attractive and expectedly colorful, much to every child’s fancy. It includes an indoor gym play area, napping room, toys, and bean bags along with books shelves for reading. The whole scenario is arranged for the kids to get a homely and comfortable atmosphere. 


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