·  8 cities to host regional matches: New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Indore, Lucknow and Guwahati
·  Matches to be held under 5 age categories: Under-9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 for both boys and girls
·  Strengthens CSR program: hosts training camps to identify potential talent among underprivileged children and coach them for participation
·  Phenomenal response for the first leg of the tournament; 1200+ total entries
·  Registrations more details on www.JBC3.in
by Suman Gupta
New Delhi, April , 2017: PNB MetLife Junior Badminton Championship Season 3 Delhi concluded today at Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi with adrenaline-pumping performances from young talented shuttlers. In the Boys Singles U-17 category, 2nd seed Tarun Gakhad defeated the last year under-15 national winner and top seed Dhruv Rawat from Uttarakhand in straight sets 21-13, 21-19.
In Girls Singles U-17 category, last year under-13 national winner and unseeded Sneha Rajwar from Uttarakhand came back after losing the first set and overpowered 4th seed Khushi Gupta from Delhi with scores 18-21, 21-8, 21-14. Sneha Rajwar bowed out of the Girls Under-15 category, despite being the top seed, after losing to Khushi Thakkar from Delhi with scores 21-16, 21-19.

Last year’s Under-9 national champion Neer Nehwal from Delhi displayed top skills and emerged victorious in the Boys Under-11 category by defeating Devang Tomar from Uttar Pradesh in straight sets 21-7, 21-15. Unseeded Dev Maheshwari displayed brilliant stamina and composure and lifted the Boys Under-13 trophy by defeating 2nd seed Manraj Singh in semi-finals and top seed Chirag Khatri from Delhi in the finals.
Gracing the closing ceremony, Mr. Hemant Khera, Chief Distribution Officer – Employee Benefits, awarded and motivated the winners. The tournament was being organized by Sara Foundation (an organisation for the promotion of sports).

The action will continue as PNB MetLife Junior Badminton Championship Season 3 starts in Chandigarh from April 10, 2017.
Details with scores are as follows:
Boys Singles Under-9
Manjeet Chaudhary, Delhi, def. Arjun, Haryana, 21-9 21-10.
Aksh Singh, U.P., def. Ayush Kumar (Gyan Chandra), 21-16 19-21 21-11.

Aksh Singh, U.P., def. Manjeet Chaudhary, Delhi, 21-5 14-21 21-19.
Girls Singles Under-9
B.R Madhumita Ramamoorthy, Haryana, def. Ashe Singh, U.P., 25-23 21-17.
Shruti Chouhan, U.P., def. Ananya Bhardwaj, Haryana, 21-7 21-9.

Shruti Chouhan, U.P., def. B.R Madhumita Ramamoorthy, Haryana, 21-8 21-13.

Boys Singles Under-11
Neer Nehwal, Delhi, def. Chirag Choudhary, Uttarakhand, 21-19 21-9.
Devang Tomar, U.P., def. Vansh Dev, Delhi, 21-16 21-11.

Neer Nehwal, Delhi, def. Devang Tomar, U.P., 21-7 21-15.

Girls Singles Under-11
Unnati Hooda, Haryana, def. Anmol Kharb, Haryana, 23-21 19-21 15-10.
Anwesha Gowda, Delhi, def. Vanshika Thakur, Delhi, 21-16 21-7.

Unnati Hooda, Haryana, def. Anwesha Gowda, Delhi, 21-10 21-17.

Boys Singles Under-13
Chirag Khatri (1), Delhi, def. Manish Phogat, Delhi, 15-9 15-6.
Telaprolu Teja Venkatesh (4), Delhi, def. Aaryan Sapiah, Delhi, 15-10 15-7.
Dev Maheshwari, Delhi, def. Neer Nehwal (5), Delhi, 13-15 15-9 15-13.
Manraj Singh (2), Delhi, def. Khooshee Kumar Pankaj, Delhi, 15-12 15-10.

Chirag Khatri (1), Delhi, def. Telaprolu Teja Venkatesh (4), Delhi, 21-10 17-21 21-8.
Dev Maheshwari, Delhi, def. Manraj Singh (2), Delhi, 21-11 21-23 21-15.

Dev Maheshwari, Delhi, def. Chirag Khatri (1), Delhi, 15-21 21-12 21-14.

Girls Singles Under-13
Stuti Agrawal, Delhi, def. Jiya Rawat, Haryana, 15-11 15-14.
Muskaan Sangwan, Delhi, def. Isobel Kuriyan, Delhi, 15-13 15-6.
Khushboo Sao, Delhi, def. Unnati Hooda, Haryana, 15-13 15-11.
Sakshi Phogat, Rajasthan, def. Muskan Chahal, 15-9 15-7.

Muskaan Sangwan, Delhi, def. Stuti Agrawal, Delhi, 21-10 22-20.
Sakshi Phogat, Rajasthan, def. Khushboo Sao, Delhi, 21-10 21-8.

Sakshi Phogat, Rajasthan, def. Muskaan Sangwan, Delhi, 21-14 21-13.

Boys Singles Under-15
Shubham Patel (1), Rajasthan, def. Advit Bhargava (6), Delhi, 15-8 13-15 15-9.
Nandis Poddar, def. Raghvender Partap Singh, Delhi, 15-13 15-10.
Akash, Delhi, def. Hariom, Delhi, 15-10 15-8.
Raman Kumar, Haryana, def. Bharat Raghav, Haryana, 15-13 15-12.

Shubham Patel (1), Rajasthan, def. Nandis Poddar, 21-8 21-11.
Raman Kumar, Haryana, def. Akash, Delhi, 21-11 21-15.

Shubham Patel (1), Rajasthan, def. Raman Kumar, Haryana, 18-21 21-8 21-10.

Girls Singles Under-15
Sneha Rajwar (1), Uttarakhand, def. Sakshi Phogat, Rajasthan, 15-5 15-6.
Khushi Thakkar, Delhi, def. Anna Phogat, Delhi, 15-4 15-4.
Anupama Upadhyaya (5), Uttarakhand, def. Aradhyaa Kushwaha (3), 12-15 15-14 15-11.
Aashi Rawat (2), def. Hazel Sehrawat, Delhi, 15-8 15-14.

Khushi Thakkar, Delhi, def. Sneha Rajwar (1), Uttarakhand, 21-16 21-19.
Aashi Rawat (2), def. Anupama Upadhyaya (5), Uttarakhand, 21-15 21-12.

Khushi Thakkar, Delhi, def. Aashi Rawat (2), 21-19 17-21 21-15.

Boys Singles Under-17

Dhruv Rawat (1), Uttarakhand, def. Bharat Raghav, Haryana, 15-7 15-7.
Himanshu Dabas (4), Delhi, def. Saharsh Mohan (7), U.P., 11-15 15-8 15-13.
Pushaan Leo Paul (6), def. Arjun Rehani (3), Delhi, 15-13 15-11.
Tarun Gakhad (2), def. Manish Singh, Delhi, 11-15 15-6 15-10.

Dhruv Rawat (1), Uttarakhand, def. Himanshu Dabas (4), Delhi, 21-8 21-16.
Tarun Gakhad (2), def. Pushaan Leo Paul (6), 21-14 23-25 21-12.

Tarun Gakhad (2), def. Dhruv Rawat (1), Uttarakhand, 21-13 21-19.

Girls Singles Under-17
Likhita Srivastava, Delhi, def. Aashi Rawat (1), 15-10 15-12.
Sneha Rajwar, Uttarakhand, def. Kavya Gupta (Anurag Gupta) (3), Delhi, 15-12 15-14.
Khushi Gupta (4), Delhi, def. Muskan Joon, Delhi, 15-7 15-6.
Anupama Upadhyaya, Uttarakhand, def. Adya Parashar (2), Delhi, 15-2 14-15 15-9.

Sneha Rajwar, Uttarakhand, def. Likhita Srivastava, Delhi, 21-15 21-16.
Khushi Gupta (4), Delhi, def. Anupama Upadhyaya, Uttarakhand, 21-18 21-17.

Sneha Rajwar, Uttarakhand, def. Khushi Gupta (4), Delhi, 18-21 21-8 21-14.

Match Schedule:
New Delhi
April 3-7, 2017
April 10-13, 2017
April 17-20, 2017
April 24-28, 2017
May 3-6, 2017
May 10-13, 2017
May 22-25, 2017
May 30-June 1, 2017
Grand Finale – New Delhi
June/July 2017
 For more information and registration one can visit www.JBC3.in.
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We have designed a series of regional and national level sports activities in India for school children to help them participate and develop a sports culture. After winning many successes & accolades in recent times, now we are geared up to organise ‘3rdPNB MetLife Junior Badminton Championship (JBC) - 2017’.