Kranti Redkar Joins Hands With Akshay Bardapurkar For ‘Planet T’

by Priya Jadhav

Kranti Redkar who painted the town red with her ‘Kombdi Palali’ song years ago which turned into ‘Chikni Chameli’ for Katrina Kaif has now landed on Akshay Bardapurkar’s ‘Planet T’ even before ‘Chandrayan-2’ has landed on the moon.

After Amruta Khanvilkar who joined hands with Bardapurkar for ‘Planet T’, Redkar is the second Marathi and Bollywood actress to set foot on the platform.

For those who landed late, ‘Planet T’ is an agency that will provide talent from Marathi and Bollywood industries to the burgeoning demand for content for films, television, and the digital platforms apart from events and ribbon cuttings.

It’s known that this gorgeous actress, who is a mother of twins and wife of a decorated IRS officer, is also a writer and a director, now she wants to expand her horizons.

“Kranti is one of the finest actresses Marathi industry has been benefited from and I am privileged to have her on board. We are sure to create some Kranti together”, says Akshay Bardapurkar.

As for the actress, she was looking for a pulpit to extend her repertoire and it seems she has found one. “I was looking for someone who could understand me and my goals and I feel Akshay has the correct blend of vision, contacts, and sharp business acumen to take my acting and my new venture ahead”, said Kranti Redkar.