Happy Ratio fuels sports through complete nutrition

by Priya Jadhav

New Delhi, September 2019 - Happy Ratio, an Indian health startup launched their campaign #YehHaiMeriLife, an impactful digital campaign to focus on the importance of Complete Nutrition for girls in sports.  Young girls in India face multiple challenges on a daily basis such as social inequality, lack of opportunities, malnutrition and trafficking. With the support of partners, Happy Ratio, in collaboration with Yuwa, an NGO in Jharkhand, is providing girls 100,000 Complete Nutrition drinks. Launched on 29th August, 2019, the campaign coincides with India’s National Sports Day.

Gender stereotypes have had a huge impact on the girls in India. In Jharkhand, six out of 10 girls drop out of school and become child brides. The state is among the worst in human trafficking, bonded labour and malnutrition, making it a challenging place to empower women. While India’s women athletes have been breaking records and winning medals globally, the #YehHaiMeriLife campaign aims to fuel the next generation on the field. Many Indian female athletes have defied heavy odds to carve a niche for themselves in the field of sports. They have had to fight insurmountable odds, including their own families, to reach where they are today. Their struggles range from very basic needs like nutrition and spans to bigger systemic issues like a lack of competitive facilities they can access, poor infrastructure and limited funds. Every medal or accolade won is a testament to the resilience and determination these women have despite much support. Happy Ratio’s attempt in this endeavour is to generate awareness around the importance of nutrition for athletic success. While Indian athletes have been raising the bar with each passing tournament, Happy Ratio in partnership with Yuwa, aims to fuel the next generation on the field. 

Harsh Batra, Founder of Happy Ratio remarked, “The real growth index of a country is reflected on the health of our younger generation. Currently, one-third of the world’s stunted children live in India. Healthy nutrition is a crucial factor in improving this index. For us, it’s an ambitious initiative as we hope to make a difference on that index for a segment of the population that represents India’s tomorrow.”

Franz Gastler, Executive Director and Co-founder of Yuwa said, “We are happy to associate with Happy Ratio who are providing nutritional meals to our young girls.  Now, for the first time ever, we are getting a chance to offer a complete meal on the football field. It is a powerful and convenient way to deliver complete nutrition and ensure that the children get their daily dose of nutrition to stay healthy and strong.” 

Join the #YehHaiMeriLife to also contribute to their success by going to https://yuwa-india.org/donate

About Happy Ratio:Happy Ratio stands for quantified nutrition using unbiased research. Each Happy Ratio meal is a Complete Nutrition blend that fulfils nutritional gaps in varied diets, helps manage overall health, fuels exercise and sports, and aids in maintaining optimal weight. Happy Ratio contains every nutrient that the body needs to fuel ones muscles, brain, metabolism, energy and immunity. Each drink is created from a unique blend of ingredients which are made from real food sources.