#DurexJeans is actually a new brand of condoms from Durex, endorsed by Ranveer Singh!

Trust Ranveer Singh to do something quirky, every time he does something or makes a public appearance! The recent one is for Durex, a condom brand that Ranveer endorses. A lot of buzz has been doing the rounds since past couple of days when Durex released a teaser with Ranveer announcing the launch of #DurexJeans.  After baffling everyone for last 48 hours with its announcements suggesting its entry into denims, unveiled “Durex Jeans”, in fact a new line of condoms. 

The new age condom, Durex Jeans is a lubricated, natural rubber latex condoms, designed with latest technology for excellent results. The product will be packed in the world’s slimmest pocket pack making it almost invisible in the pocket of the owner. Targeted for youngsters and first timers in the age group of 18-25 years, the product aims to remove the awkwardness attached to the purchase of condom products.

Checkout the Durex Jeans teaser ad here: