Khadi and Village Industries Commission(KVIC) Launches 
e-Governance Project through ATOS India

by Suman Gupta 
To bring in transparency and system efficiency, Khadi and Village Industries Commission(KVIC) launched e-Governance project through ATOS India, a well known company for providing business solutions through technologies.  Shri. V.K Saxena, Chairman, KVIC while launching the project yesterday at Central office, said that this was a significant initiative in further promoting digitisation and the implementation of the integrated financial management system with the partnership of ATOS India. It will usher in a new era in KVIC across India.  He stated that this would be the first time that such an exercise was being done to integrate all KVIC offices, sales outlets, Sliver plants , production centers etc digitally, which is the vision of Prime Minister. This E-Governance system is designed with a view to tone up the planning, budgeting, procurement, expenditure management, production and sales of KVI products.
ATOS was selected through a process of competitive bidding. ATOS is a reputed firm which has delivered IT solutions for many manufacturing and frontline companies such as Indian Oil Corporation, Vodafone, Idea and even for Olympics in E-Governance field and has rich and varied experience.
The E-Governance project is funded under Khadi Reform Development Programme (KRDP) and will integrate all financial activities of the KVIC like Central Office at Mumbai with its six central sliver plants, 44 state and divisional offices, all sales outlets and training centres. A challenging time-line has been fixed for the completion of the project and it is expected to “Go Live” within nine months. For smooth implementation and better coordination ,KVIC has provided an office space to the ATOS in the central office from where their team will work . ATOS will also provide training to 400 staff and officials of KVIC. 
Shri. Shirish Phadke, Country Head, Business Operations, ATOS India said that KVIC project is a prestigious assignment for them keeping in view its noble cause in creating employment in rural areas and assured that the project will be completed within the time schedule.