New RSA Business-Driven Security™ Solutions Bridge the ‘Gap of Grief’

Helps Customers Align Security Incidents to Business Risk
by Suman Gupta
India, February , 2017 – RSA, a Dell Technologies business, unveiled RSA Business-Driven Security architecture, a new approach to help customers manage cyber risk and protect what matters most. This architecture, along with several solution offerings, enables customers of all sizes to more quickly and efficiently take command of their risk posture. RSA Business-Driven Security solutions, also announced today, are designed to address this proactive approach to security, incorporating new capabilities in rapid response and threat detection, identity and access assurance, consumer fraud protection and business risk management.
In spite of the $75 billion spent on cyber security in 2016, organizations are still struggling to link business context to security details fast enough to make critical decisions. Security and business leaders are experiencing the “gap of grief” – the inability to fully understand to what degree security incidents translate to quantifiable business risk.
“Despite best efforts, today’s security approaches are in dire need of transformation because they fall short when they are put into action. This forces organizations into a downward cycle of investment and re-investment,” said Rohit Ghai, President, RSA. “RSA is proud to provide a new architecture and array of Business-Driven Security solutions that are engineered to enable the most critical elements of a sound security strategy: linking business context with security incidents to more strategically address and manage business risk to protect what matters most.”
Business-Driven Security architecture and RSA’s solution announcements help close the gap of grief and deliver significant benefits, including radically improving the impact of security teams; reimagining identity strategies to accelerate business in a world without boundaries; and, delivering web and mobile consumer protection at the speed of fraud and faster ability to know what risks matter.
Triple the Impact of Your Security Team Across the Modern Enterprise
New capabilities for the RSA NetWitnessspan> Suite are engineered to provide essential visibility and actionable insight to detect advanced threats faster, connect the dots between network, endpoint and log data, and fully understand the scope of compromise. The new capabilities include collecting data from the public cloud (Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure® public cloud computing platform) and virtual environments (VMWare® virtual solutions and the Gigamon® platform) along with all physical infrastructure. The suite is designed to now enable organizations to monitor any modern infrastructure, allowing for flexibility and ease of deployment.
As an illustration of RSA NetWitness’s capabilities, the suite was used to identify the malware used in a pair of new attacks – Kingslayer and Schoolbell – and provided out-of-the-box content for finding behaviors that are associated with the groups that experts suspect to have perpetrated the attacks. RSA Research recently published the findings of Kingslayer and Schoolbell.
Reimagine Your Identity Strategy to Accelerate Business in a World without Boundaries
RSA announced unified enhancements to RSA SecurIDccess designed to enable organizations to accelerate their business while also minimizing identity risk. By leveraging innovative risk analytics and context-based awareness, RSA SecurID Access identity and access assurance solutions help to strengthen security, ensure compliance, and minimize security friction for end users.
In addition, organizations of all sizes can deliver convenient and secure access to a multitude of applications, from the latest devices, from anywhere with the newly repackaged RSA SecurID Access offering. It brings together industry-leading multi-factor authentication and access management capabilities. Through its time tested RSA Ready Program, RSA has certified more than 500 SaaS and on-premises applications to be interoperable with RSA SecurID Access technology. 
Deliver Consumer Protection at the Speed of Fraud: RSA announced the latest release in the RSAraud & Risk Intelligence Suite, a centralized solution that helps improve cross-channel fraud detection and investigation. These critical enhancements are designed to allow organizations to pull additional fraud intelligence from their business and other anti-fraud tools for better visibility and response to cybercrime attacks occurring across web and mobile sessions.
Organizations can leverage the RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite to correlate cross-channel risk indicators and invoke biometrics or transaction signing by using the RSA® Anti-Fraud Mobile SDK for a seamless user experience. This suite is engineered to take advantage of valuable session intelligence and continuous monitoring to impact the risk score assessment so organizations can apply full fraud analytics to align with their risk tolerance, user population and regulations.
Know What Risks Matter – Faster: RSA announced the availability of RSA Archergnition Program, a combination of proven Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) use cases, quick launch services and education offerings for a streamlined, accelerated approach designed to manage business risk. The program empowers organizations to manage multiple configurations of risk on one integrated software platform. It aims to help reduce risk within the business, generate quick wins in the context of a broader risk management strategy, and provide a foundation to mature the program based on business needs.
New Risk & Cybersecurity Practice: RSA announced the new RSA Risk & Cybersecurity Practice that helps operationalize Business-Driven Security architecture by helping to reduce business risk through systematic and continuous enablement for clients to manage identity, protect their assets, and detect, respond and recover from cyber attacks.
The RSA Risk & Cybersecurity Practice consists of four specialty practices focusing on risk management, identity assurance, advanced cyber defense and incident response. The practice features RSA’s battle-tested expertise, staffed by 650 security consultants; a flexible procurement model offering managers greater autonomy over their timelines and budgets; accelerated engagement through pre-packaged services focused on business-driven results; and, specialist teams focused on delivering customized Business-Driven Security solutions. 
These solutions announced today expand RSA’s current portfolio, which already delivers benefits of a Business-Driven Security through:  
· Rapid investigation of authentication failures to more confidently respond and contain threats: RSA SecurID Access is engineered to provide insight into authentication patterns to help identify potentially high-risk behaviors in the RSA NetWitness Suite. This helps accelerate detection of malicious activity, provides context to investigation, and provides deep understanding of business risk based on identities and authentication attempts.
· Prioritization of incidents based on business context: Incidents identified as abnormal by RSA NetWitness technology’s behavioral analytics capabilities are weighted in terms of asset value in RSA Archer® Suite, allowing security personnel to review incidents that have the greatest bearing on the business first.
·  Translating Security Incidents to Business Risk: enables effective cyber risk management and faster response by helping organizations determine the business impact associated with security incidents. Incidents detected by RSA NetWitness Suite are brought into RSA Archer, allowing risk and compliance teams to determine the potential impact of an incident to the organization.
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