Shiv Sena likely to become aggressive against long-time partner BJP, predicts Ganesha

by Suman Gupta
Mumbai, 24 February, 2017: The alliance is in grave danger of breaking up, especially between August and October 2017 predict highly acclaimed team of astrologers of As the transiting Rahu in Leo indicates that Sena is in no mood to bow down to the BJP’s pressures. With transiting Saturn aspecting natal Sun in 10th house may create hindrances in its path. Even currently, until 18th April, the alliance faces a strong possibility of a break-up.
According to India’s number one and the world’s number three astrological portal, the foundation chart of Shiv Sena indicates that the party is currently under the influence of Mercury Mahadasha and Sun Bhukti. The Lord of 10th house Sun is placed in 8th house (house of adversaries) with the strong 8th house Mercury. This suggests that the party is going through a decisive phase in its political journey. It indicates that the party will change its tactics and will become more aggressive against long-time partner BJP.
On the other hand, BJP is passing through Sun mahadasha and Ketu Bhukti. Transiting Rahu is moving over the cluster of planets in the 3rd house of BJP’s foundation chart. Hence BJP is in no mood to let Shiv Sena become an obstacle in its progress in Maharashtra. Transiting Rahu in both the parties' charts shows that political equations between long-time partners will change completely. Hostilities and attacks will increase now.
After the Mumbai municipal corporation elections, which were held on Tuesday, the burning question now on everybody's lips is what will happen to the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance in Maharashtra? For Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, too, things will be very difficult as Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius and Rahu’s transit through Cancer are likely to bring major challenges for him, and he may be in a dilemma as to how and whether to preserve the alliance.
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