Thailand is all set to recreate local flavors with "Discover Unique Local Experience" Campaign 2017

 by Sumna Gupta
Mumbai, 21st February 2017: The Tourism Authority of Thailand(TAT), pioneers in offering Leisure Destinations, is all set to raise the bar of quality levels in the tourism segment by announcing the theme for 2017 - ‘Discover Unique Local Experiences’ in Mumbai. The objective behind this campaign is to promote Thailand as a wealth of cultural heritage with a competitive edge in the travel and tourism sector. After receiving an overwhelming response from SATTE and OTM 2017, TAT Mumbai hosted an exclusive meet for the media to announce their plan for 2017 and the global campaign for the Indian audiences.Mrs. Srisuda Wanapinyosak, TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing (Asia and the South Pacific) and brand ambassador Anusha Dandekar graciously presided the occasion with their presence.
As a part of their global campaign, this year TAT is welcoming visitors by offering a touch of Thai Local Experiences in various interesting activities. Designed to fit in with the ‘Year of Sustainable Tourism Development’ proclaimed by the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) for 2017, the ‘Discover Unique Local Experiences’ campaign will be the focus for 2017 by TAT. The intention behind the endeavor is to warrant that Thailand remains in people’s minds as a top of the mind recall when it comes to ‘preferred destination’ and traveling with ‘purpose’. It also entails attracting more international visitors to explore and understand a more authentic Thailand and experience living a local Thai life. 
On a global scale, India is ranked 6th in terms of tourist arrivals in Thailand. As per the recent numbers released by Department of Tourism, in 2016, Thailand welcomed 1.19 million Indian travelers and for 2017, the target is 14% increase in revenue and 8% increase in footfalls expected from India alone.  The focus destinations this year will be mainly the local communities along with Chiang Mai, Krabi, Trat and Bangkok.
Commenting on the future plans and the campaign, Mrs. Srisuda Wanapinyosak, TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing (Asia and the South Pacific) said, “India has always been one of the significant markets for us as each year we see an increase in the footfalls. This year too we are expecting a phenomenal growth of 8 percent. When you visit Thailand, you always discover something new and unique which makes you want to visit the kingdom time and again. This year, with Discover Unique Local Experience theme, we are happy to give our guests an experience of the local tastes and culture that holds Thailand to its roots, and we also plan to introduce new destinations and activities for the travelers which will make their stay memorable and invaluable.”
Anusha Dandekar commented, “Thailand leaves you with scenic turquoise beaches, lovely islands, diverse wildlife, warm culture, glittering temples, and scrumptious cuisines. With varied tastes and cultures, Thailand has always been the land of smiles. As a traveler, I personally like to explore the local culture, traditional, history, art and flavors to get the real-authentic experience which will last a lifetime.  The ‘Thainess’ aspect radiates a unique charm, which urges travel enthusiasts from all over the world to head on to this fantastic destination. Experiencing the local Thai culture and way of life will introduce a different facet of Thailand which the world has ever seen.”

Ms Soraya Homchuen, Director, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai, said, “While Thailand is a thriving modern nation that offers luxury and comfort of the 21st century, it’s the unique Thai traditions and attractions that are often most memorable for visitors.  In 2017, TAT aims to offer ‘Value for Experiences’ to travelers coming to the Kingdom by focusing on ‘Unique Thai Local Experiences’ to the world which features Thailand’s local experiences. Our effort through this campaign is to highlight our strong faith in the local communities of Thailand to offer genuine hospitality and experiences that are exciting and unique to the travelers. Our humble attempt through this campaign will in turn also benefit locals and the travel agents in the country. Thailand’s culture, old and new, is waiting to be discovered by people of all ages and backgrounds. In terms of the prospects, we are expecting the upcoming year to be fruitful, as we are foreseeing a rise of Indian travelers by 8% and anticipating up to 1.2 million tourists from India alone.”
As per the recent emerging travel trend, 2017 will be primarily about culinary tourism and culture tourism.  In the current robust tourism market, change is always afoot, and Thailand is building on several trends that are in sync with the global tourism trends. With the new campaign the kingdom is all set to locally globalize the experience for 2017 which will mark the opening of a new chapter for Thai tourism.